Bathing Suit Shopping

Really?? Is it time to stuff myself in small pieces of fabric that show things that I no longer think anyone wants to see? Yes ladies it's time!!!!

I decided yesterday that bathing suit shopping is not fun. As I paced up and down the aisle in the swim department,  I was reminded of the P90X videos that I borrowed from a friend. Why hadn't I spent the last 3 months diving into those workouts? Why, knowing this whole time it was around the corner, did I eat the leftover chicken nuggets off my kids' plates? Or continue to eat my favorite thing on the planet...

Then as my mind was spinning and contemplating my eating habits, the sales lady says ever so sweetly,
"can I help you?". "NO", I wanted to scream, "not unless you have a solution for a saggy butt and veins from babies!" But instead I just smiled and said I was just looking--looking at all the tiny bathing suit bottoms and endless patterns that shouted, "look at me".

So all that to say, I got a suit! It took me several hours but it will do. Watch out you pool goers. I am gonna walk confidently around the pool and maybe even get my hair wet this year in my new (not quite so tiny) suit!


  1. I also hate bathing suit shopping. I hate it so much that I have sworn off bathing suits, and where as I do enjoy swimming, I avoid it at all costs because I am so unhappy with the way I look. I am going to Tennessee in a couple weeks and there is a hot tub at the house we're renting but because some of my friends will be there I have already decided not to get in the hot tub :/

  2. Ok, Melodie, don't do that!!!!! Get in have fun!!!!! I am sure you look great!!!

  3. Ok, Melodie, don't do that!!!!! Get in have fun!!!!! I am sure you look great!!!

  4. LOL thanks :). I'm not like super big but I'm not where I'd like to be. I joined a gym about a month ago to help with that hahaha


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