Just a few updates before I being this week's blog subject...

Our guppy had it's babies then feasted on them in the middle of the night. What the????

Hayden, our 3 year old, is no longer peeing on the walls. He is officially potty trained. It for sure was the Spiderman underwear my husband got him at Costco, and the Jelly Belly candy that cost way too much. Thank you Costco for the cavities, the extra pounds, and new found love of jelly beans that taste like fresh picked pears!!!!!!

So this weekend is my favorite time of year!!!! We are heading to Steeplechase on Saturday!!! Love a good horse race. Not to mention dressing up and hanging with the girls.

Also, I will be married to my hot husband, Daniel for 10 years on Friday. SO hard to believe. Just seems like yesterday that he and I met. We are finally getting away and spending time together. We'll probably end up sleeping and ordering room service. YAY!!!!!


  1. I've heard a lot about steeplechase but I don't know anything about it haha. I hope you have fun!!. Happy anniversary too, that's wonderful 10 years!! I hope you have a good time while you're away. My husband and I were going to go away for our 3 year anniversary the August but decided to spend the money for our trip on bills instead :/.

  2. How in the world has it been 10 years?! Time flies. Happy Anniversary and have fun! Wish the kids could come stay with me while you're enjoying your time away. ;)

    1. Why am I "unknown" ...? Anyway this is Lacey! :)

  3. Congrats on being married 10 years! Mom wanted me to chime in and say Happy Anniversary! :-)

  4. Thanks guys!!! Lacey I wish you lived here!!!!!!!! Miss you and thank you so much for sending sweet gifts to the kids!!! They love them!
    10 years is a big deal! So happy and thankful!!!

  5. That is so sweet!! Ten years is a big deal, yes!!!:) Such a beautiful couple! And I'm with ya, room service is the best, even plain vanilla ice cream magically tastes better when it's room service.


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