Finding My Style

For years now I have been patching holes in jeans, covering scuffs on old shoes with marker, and hiding stains with long necklaces. It has become laughable that the alterations lady SUKI, has become a friend and even asks about my kids!!! I wish I could say she has been altering designer clothes, but in reality she has been the savior of my 10 year old jeans.

Being a mom takes a toll on your clothes, not to mention your time and beauty. I feel like everyday I am trying to recreate a new outfit with old clothes. REALLY???

My other issue, is when I go to a store I am overwhelmed and I end up leaving with nothing. My niece, Lauren who is very fashionable, has become my personal stylist. I know I drive her crazy sending pictures from my iPhone of my shopping excursions. I am tired and want to find my style. I want to find it with out any help. I want to be confident in a store and look good when I leave.

If you feel the way I do I have found a great site last night that can send you on your way to a fashionable lifestyle. Not only does it show you great outfits but it also shows you where to get them.

Here you go....
Wish you well!!!!


  1. I just adore you Cyndi! Loved you since I heard What I really meant to say! I love reading the stuff you post! Amazing!

  2. WOW!!!! How nice. Thanks so much!!! Glad you like!

  3. I wear clothes until either they don't fit anymore or they get holes in the wrong places. I hate shopping so much that I avoid it at all costs!!!. Plus I'm never satisfied with how I look in clothes, so I just wear the same thing and try to pair it with different shirts to make it look like a different outfit hahaha.


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