Guppy Love

I would like to say for the record that I am an animal lover!!!! I have always had dogs and even a few cats in my life. Our cats, Cookie and Fuzzy were devoted to killing mice and bringing a few rabbits to the back door. Which by the way were always bloody and nasty. They waited for us to praise their efforts!

Anyway, we have a pregnant guppy in a bowl that I have cleaned for two days now. It is so cloudy that I am thinking about searching for guppy goggles. I feel so bad for her and yet want for her to magically disappear. Is that mean??

My daughter got her from school and I already got the fish a heater. (It was chilly late one night.)
I also hear the guppies eat their babies. I really don't think that I should allow that kind of craziness in my home. I don't believe in that one bit.
Hats off to you guppy lovers. Ours is taking a trip to the creek!


  1. I've never had a guppy before just a Beta fish and they always died :(


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