I am making the commitment!!!! I promised before, but today it will happen. Monday through Thursday you will get to know me in a different way. I had coffee with some friends of mine today and they have advised me this blog is not really funny. In fact they think it seems a bit boring.
I quickly defended my weak attempt to share my days with a small, but devoted, group of "followers". Thank you "followers" for hanging in there and being willing to stand by me as I figure out how to do this thing called "blogging".
Soon the design will even be different. I am going to do this right and prove to those" friends" of mine that I can and will grow this thing. They will soon be jealous of this blog. I may even decide to not have coffee with them anymore!!!!!!!!


  1. At least you are trying. Make them drink instant coffee that will quiet them down.

  2. I never found your blog to be boring, honestly to me it was more intimate, it really showed that you're just a regular person like the rest of us. However, I'm looking forward to your new blog :)

  3. Love this:) Cyndi you are a great blogger, and then new site is even better, keep it up!!


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