Recently, I happened upon the Hatfield-McCoy series. At first I was a bit bored...I tried to watch but fell asleep. Sorry Kevin Costner!!!

It was always so strange to me that a feud would bring about so much attention. My mom taught me to be nice. How could all these adults be so mean to each other??!!! Boys, act your age!!!

But I felt it only fair to give it a good watch (and figured that, at the very least, it would make for interesting dinner conversation). I was not going to fall asleep, Facebook, or even blog. I was committed. For the first time in my life I was going to educate myself on this fine piece of history.

What a wild and crazy story! It did confirm that both families, the Hatfield's and McCoys, had big-time anger issues! That anger grew into tremendous bitterness, and it rooted itself deep. Made me very thankful for my family and Hallmark cards. I tried to picture a candy store opening in their little town on Tug River with a Ferris wheel. Maybe that would have made them all happy. Then "Devil Anse" Hatfield could be called "Happy Anse" and smile a little more for all those family pictures.

My favorite part was the forbidden love story between, Rosanna McCoy and"Johnse" Hatfield.
Their story was similar to Romeo and Juliet. I was so inspired and ended up writing a song today with Luke Sheets about their love. The good, bad, and ugly.
I have to say it's one of the best songs so far. So needless to say I am very happy I watched the series.


  1. I can't wait to hear the song!! I've been watching Star Trek Voyager.....again hehehe I love this show, it always inspires me to read the Voyager books I have :).

  2. SO funny!!! I am so ready to share the new music!!! It's so fun being creative!

  3. Is it some series? I haven't seen it and after reading what you have written I might not look it. Anyways thank you for sharing the post with us


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