Black Bird In My Back Yard

So I have a small container garden that makes me very happy. I have blackberries, raspberries, lettuce, strawberries, a lemon tree, and tomatoes. Nothing fancy, just organically simple. It feels good to pick something that tastes sweet and came from the work of my hands. I spent a pretty penny on that little garden of  mine.

Well, stupid birds have come to take it all away. I am a fan of birds just not the ones who steal. Or ones that bully me in my own garden. They swoop at me and call out to their evil cohorts.
I had 8 tomatoes, now only 3. I had many blackberries now just a few. I have netting covering up everything. I even hung a few pie pans up to scare those little devils away. Guess what, I heard them laughing at me!!!!

What am I to do????!!!!!!


  1. haha awe!! I bet your garden is (was hehe) beautiful though!!

  2. Wear a batman outfit while you are gardening. That should take care of it.

  3. Write a song and sing it! Everyone wants more music from you!


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