Ok, so last night I had a show at the Bluebird in Nashville, TN. My sitter arrived and I was talking with her about the instructions for the evening. I was also printing lyrics, putting on my shoes, and taking chicken nuggets out of the freezer. Yes, I can do many things at once! Ha!

Wouldn't you know it, on my way out the door drama broke out. Our 3 year old decided to tell our sitter "No" and "I don't like you". Then, he acted like a crazy loosed wild cat. At this point I asked the sitter if she wanted to bail!

Well, because I know how consistency is crucial in teaching a child, I calmly sent him to timeout. He said "NO". Then he began to scream like a dying rooster. (Not Kidding!) I walked him peacefully into the other room where the timeout chair sits and placed him there.  All the while he screamed in my ear and I wondered if I would ever hear again. I had to hold him there while he kept saying he would not apologize to our sitter. I don't know who said "terrible twos", but I believe it's "terrible threes"!!!!!!  
(Dear God – help me!)

He did apologize and things are good. Just for the record he is a great kid and loves our sitter Tucker.

My show went well and I had a glass of wine!!!!! 


  1. Sounds like an episode of nanny 911 hahaha. Glad everything worked out with the kids and your show. It would be cool see you do a show but Nashville is a little to far :/.

  2. My grandson is the same...hopefully the four's go better!!!!!

  3. Holy crap! I am glad I am not the only one experiencing the terrible threes. SO SO SO much worse than the twos. Best of luck.

  4. Cyndi,
    I agree...I have 6 yr old & 14 month old daughters. Caydence(6) wasn't too bad at 2...but when she turned 3 she became a pistol ball. Def. the 3's have it! So I'm bracing myself for when Henley turns 3 because she is already testing the waters. Things did get better with Caydence as she approached 4yrs of age. So there is hope after all. Children are such blessings...and there is so much we learn from them...even about ourselves ;)

  5. Children get that way sometimes! I do not have children but I have nephews and the three years old he is a pretty good kid but too smart for his jeans. He can get a little attitude sometimes. I guess you can say it's all about growing up and they have to learn what is right and what is wrong. We have to teach them that. I am tender hearted and I do not get angry if he does something wrong, I calmly tell him that was wrong and he could get hurt ot hurt someone and he understands. I do that with other children I know as well. Children are special!!!


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