Been in Georgia for two weeks!!!!!! I feel so fat from all the southern food I shoved down my throat! Why are potatoes so good???? My mom can cook and I love it.
We also spent time in St. Simons GA. We took a long boat ride to Black Beard Island and played in the ocean all day. Later I got up with a local band and sang a few songs. Sad part was my hair is naturally curly and I let it dry by itself. UGH!!!!! People took pictures and I hope and pray they never show up on Facebook. Curly hair can be bad with out product!
Baby is crying got to go. He just woke up from his nap!!! SNACK TIME.


  1. Haha! Awwwe sounds like you guys had a great time:) I miss the south and the warm Atlantic ocean (AND the food!!), the Pacific is a little too cold!!

  2. We did!!! Loved seeing my family and watching my little boy see the ocean for the first time. He called it a big pool!!!

  3. im from Florida and ive been living in South Carolina for the past year and next month im moving to North Carolina and i cant wait, i cant stand the heat i want snow so badly. right now i live right next to Hilton Head island and im not a beach person hahahaha. i cook down home style and make potatoes all sorts of ways hehe. i bet your hair didnt look that badly, i love curly hair, mine is as flat as a board and i literally cant do anything with it. i sure with i coulda heard you sing!!!


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