So it's 95 degrees outside and I decided to mow the yard. What was I thinking???
I love to do it, and it gives me a break from the kids. I guess it's somewhat therapeutic.
Anyway, we pulled out the slip and slide and I went down in my sundress!!
THAT'S HOW HOT IT WAS! Hopefully no one saw me.
Also found a cicada in my hair! I HATE THOSE LITTLE SUCKERS!
Happy Thursday!


  1. i love the smell of fresh mowed grass!! sounds like you had a great day. mine was good till i learned that a good friend lost her battled with breast cancer today :(

  2. Slip and slides are the best!! Not so friendly for your grass hehe but so much fun...and I say that proudly at 31:)

    Take a water hose and aim it at the trees and get back at those cicadas!! Haha i cam across this with cicads...YES people do. Yuck!


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