HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! I hope you guys had a great holiday! We have been so sick. First my little one got a bad cold then my husband got really sick. Then on Christmas I got sick and for the last few days I have had the stomach bug!!! NOT A FUN NEW YEAR!!!!
We also had some mouse or something die in the wall or in the duct work. It has been the worst smell ever!!!!! My husband went and got one of those cameras that you slide into the duct work and it didn't really work. HEE HEE!!! Now we just have to wait for the smell to go away. Which makes me really sick. UGH!!!!!!!!
Oh well, remember Country Weekly I will be in is coming out next week I think...check the news stands. I think it is there anniversary addition. YEAH!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi there! Just have to tell you I've been such a fan of yours since your first album came out and was so bummed when you decided to take time off from music to start your family. But aren't babies worth it in the end! ;) Well, great to hear that amazing voice of yours again and will request your new music in Portland, OR for sure! My husband fronts a band so I will tell him to shout you out at their shows. Happy New year!
    Sharon E.


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