I am trying to finish a song that I started this past week. I have not been this excited about a song since I was working on my first record "My World".
I feel like I have had writers block for a while. It's like I am coming out of a fog and have so much to say! A while back I was writing all the time and just not feeling like I could make sense of anything. I was writing with some AMAZING writers and would get so stuck and put so much pressure on myself that I would just say nothing. UGH!!!!
Life can do that to you sometimes and I guess I need to stay focused on the goal. I want to make great music that people love to listen to. I hope I can do that again!!!


  1. You'll be able to do it, hang in there Cyndi! :o)

  2. I have the same problem!! It takes alittle while to get back into the creative swing of things...I used to write all the time in Nashville...when i got out of that "circle" it got a little harder to keep focus! Sometimes life gets in the way. Keep on tho! Would love to hear a new album or see a new credit somewhere soon:)


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