Soooo stupid but ... I have "Slippery Rib Syndrome".
I have had a very sore rib for a long time now and received my diagnosis.
I promise it is real. I was actually glad there was a name for it.
Made me feel somewhat better.
My spine is also very crooked and they think that is why it has been sore for a while now.
I am falling apart!!!!!
Have a good weekend!


  1. yikes, im sorry to hear that :(. you could try going to a massage therepist and refuxologist, there may be a natural way to fix the problem. it also might be helpful to go to a chiropractor who does NOT crack bones but rather alignes your spine and other bones a more natural way. this isnt exactly the same thing but i had gullstones and was able to take natural supliments to get rid of them when doctors said the only way was surgery. now i have a healthy gullblatter that is still where it belongs. just an idea you might want to look into :)

  2. Interesting!!! I love natural stuff! We do a ton of things from home that have made a huge difference for our family. I will for sure check it out! Thanks!!!

  3. no problem, i was never into the natural things until i saw it work first hand. i had a really good massage therapist/refluxologist in South Carolina, she not only helped me with my gullstones but helped me improve my over all health. now im healthier than ive ever been. i really hope that something can work for you :D


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