Oh my gosh!!! Cleaning my bathroom today and the chemicals I use must be killing brain cells!
Love me some scrubbing bubbles!
I am being so domestic today...grocery shopping, washing clothes, and cleaning. Love how it makes me feel! I even used some coupons!!!


  1. whoo hoo, now you can come clean my house!!! hahaha. me and a friend were supposed to go on a bible study this morning but the girl wasnt home, so me and my friend went and got our eye brows waxed and then hit up the grocery store hehehe. im going to actually cook for my husband tonight. i havent cooked in like a week due to dinner plans at peoples houses and then our anniversary (aug. 15) so tonight im gonna make him a nice juicy roast :D. oh and good job on the coupons, fyi if you shop at publix you can use their coupons and coupons from other stores there and save tons of money!!

  2. Haha those chemicals are bad I agree! Domestic is good!! :) Have a great day Cyndi!

  3. Ok Melodie. sounds like you had some fun with your friend!!!! So sweet to cook for your hubby!! I try every night! Sometimes we end up having corndogs and chicken nuggets! HEE HEE!!!

    Style sweetie, we got to figure somthing else out on these chemicals! I am with you they are bad!!!

  4. hehe im not a very good cook and i dont particularly enjoy doing it but it makes my hubby happy so i try. i always make some variation of the same thing though :/. But Mat never complains and he always says its good. when i dont cook we usually go to Panera!!! lol


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