Rain, rain go away.......although it is good for my little garden. Made homemade veggie soup and plan on watching a movie with my hubby!!! WE LOVE NETFLICKS!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Hope to post some new pictures tomorrow.
Also, wanted to make sure you guys saw the "social vibe blog button" on the page. It's a great organization and I would love to start making this blog mean even more. YAY!!!!


  1. So glad you back to blogging!

  2. its supposed to rain here tomorrow. i dont have netflix but i have a DVR and ive been taping marathons of Law and Order SVU, watching it now. i love this show!! have a great weekend

  3. Jera,
    Hopefully I can keep it interesting for you!!!! Thanks for encouraging me!

  4. Melodie,
    YOU NEED NETFLIX!!! Not seen Law and Order. Afraid it will just join the list of shows I love to watch. Thanks for checking in!

  5. yes please keep blogging Cyndi:) you have the cutest little posts, i love hearing about all of your latest stuff!


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