Look what is in our garden!!! Baby birds!!!
I hate that they don't really get cute for a while! It is so sweet to watch them eat and that my little ones get to see.
Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We were in GA visiting family and had a busy time. We got to ride horses at my sister's house and experience heat strokes.
The Easter bunny put money in eggs this year. I totally should have been hunting. Bella made $10. WHAT????? My mom might have had something to do with that whole situation??!?!?!?


  1. i think those baby birds are adorable now haha. it reminds me of earlier today when a bird tried to fly threw my living room window, not sure why, but it was funny hahaha. my mom was visiting a few weeks ago and she got really excited to go and feed the turtles that are in the pond near our building. she has horses and chickens and cats and dogs and snakes so im not sure why the turtles were so exciting, but i was happy she was happy hahaha

  2. Awe I always love to see nesting birds too! A friend of mine had a hummingbird nest right at eye level outside her den window so her kids got the chance to see something pretty unusual...I can only imagine how small those babies were!


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